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“Sharing links with my audience couldn’t have been easier! My audience loves Wishlink, and so do I. Best part? I can link ANY product from ANY brand, with EVERY post on my Insta.”

“Over 80% of my monthly earnings come from Wishlink! I can now work with top brands whenever I want and earn 20% commissions. It’s crazy!”

“I approached Wishlink team in May when I had just 3.5k followers on Insta. In less than 4 months I’m at 135k, and Wishlink’s had a big role to play in this!"

“Being a fashion creator, it’s very important to share links with your audience. Wishlink helps me do it very easily. Plus, the freedom to create content on my terms makes it all the more awesome!”

“I have done more than 5 Youtube campaigns with Wishlink, and the experience has been seamless so far. What I love the most is that I get payouts based on the sales I drive - which is extremely fair!”


How can my audience find exact product links on my Wishlink?
All recommended products are linked with your content - so finding links for your audience is a piece of cake.
How much commissions do I earn from Wishlink?
The commissions vary for every platform and brand. You can check the commission rates and available brands at https://creator.wishlink.com/brands/.
How do I track & redeem these commissions?
You can track the commissions, along with deep analytics of your followers’ buying behaviour via your Wishlink Dashboard. You can redeem these commissions whenever you want!
What products and brands can I recommend from my Wishlink?
Literally any product from any brand, available anywhere on the internet can be linked on your Wishlink.
Can I get any paid campaigns or collabs with Wishlink?
Yes, Wishlink provides paid collabs of your favv brands regularly.