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Your new sales and customer acquisition engine driven by creators who genuinely love your brand.

Convert impressions into sales

We enable transactions between creators and their audience. Get consistent sales via creators without any hassle
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Pay only for results

Justifying upfront fee for creators can be tough. We make it easy and fair for you with outcome based payouts
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Drive traffic on your website

Divert high intent and relevant audience from social media to YOUR website. Take them one step closer to making them your customer
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Acquire new customers

Transactions get closed on your website - you own the customer and the data. Re-sell, cross-sell, up-sell - the potential is huge
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Measure and optimize RoI

Working with influencers is great, but not so much without visibility of RoI. We give you unparalleled data to measure each and everything
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Let data do the matchmaking

No more shooting in the dark. We match your target group with creators' target audience using sales data and audience insights
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How to get started

Get in touch with our team
Integrate our tech stack with your website/ app (one time integration - takes 5 mins!)
Track sales and traffic coming from creator storefronts

Struggling to measure RoI in influencer marketing campaigns? Leverage us to give you complete visibility of what's happening with every penny being spent, at literally no cost.
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Who manages creator selection and execution?
Data does the selection and we manage the execution. It is a new way to work with creators where you have to just track sales and traffic being driven to your website or app.
What is the tech integration involved?
Given transactions get closed on your website, we will integrate with your backend to track sales driven by each influencer on your platform. It just takes 5 mins to integrate!
When do we have to pay?
We believe in results and charge you only for outcomes. We will work with your team to identify the right outcome metric (e.g., sales, traffic) and pricing model for you.
Can we also do paid awareness campaigns via Wishlink?
Absolutely. We have unparalleled data for each influencer - not just #followers or engagement, but also their ability to drive traffic and sales.
What all data is tracked?
We track data at each step of funnel - from views and engagement to Click-Through-Rates and Conversion. You will be able to calculate RoAS, CPV, CPC - just like any other performance marketing channel.
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