Who are we?

Bunch of social media junkies who love to scroll and consume content!

What do we believe?

Creators are superhumans, with the power to  inspire millions of people to live their best lives!

What's our mission?

Empower creators to make their lifestyle & fashion acessible to everyone!

Meet the team, that creates magic and makes it all happen!

Shaurya Gupta
Unlearning 5 years of management consulting to work with GenZ influencers
Divyansh Ameta
I started a creator economy startup to not feel guilty about my scrolling addiction!
Chandan Yadav
Always cooking something. Sometimes on a stove. Sometimes on a laptop.
Karan Singla
Brand Partnerships
Love having interesting conversations. So let's talk about CAC, RoAS, AoV and a whole lot of acronyms!
Sarvesh Chandoliya
Product & Tech
Amateur vocalist, professional technophile and infamous for needless dressups
Yadnyee Nikam
I wrote each and every one of these lines. I don't wanna write one more.
Mohit Agarwal
Creator Partnerships
My favourite Pokemon - CreatorMON. My call to everyone - Shoot for the MOON.
Manav Rao
Product & Tech
I turn caffeine into code 🤷🏽‍♂️
Bhavit Arora
Product & Tech
Typing in the sheets, dancing in the streets!
Uddeshya Kumar
Creator Partnerships
Two metrics that I look for: engagement and sales.
Shantanu Verma
Product & Tech
Coding my problems away, one commit at a time!
Jasmine Kukreja
Silently judging your font choices!
Mohammad Farhan Asif
Creator Partnerships
I like my work load as I like my deadlifts, HEAVY.
Janvi Mahajan
Creator Partnerships
All about consuming good content and fashion and mixing the two together!
Shiva Singh
Product & Tech
I write code and yet this line is the most difficult thing I've ever had to write :)
Sameeksha Kapoor
Creator Partnerships
I don't need break, I can catch up with trends and be at work at the same time!

Our Investors

Our angel investors
Abhishek Goyal
Co-Founder, Tracxn
Arjun Vaidya
Founder, Dr. Vaidya's
Apaksh Gupta
Founder, OneImpression
Devaiah Bopanna
SuperTeam DAO, AIB
Edul Patel
Co-Founder, Mudrex
Yash Desai
Co-Founder, OneCode
Manish Shara
Co-Founder, OneCode
Umang Vohra
MD, Global CEO, Cipla
Arpan Sheth
Partner, Bain
Aditya Shukla
Partner, Bain
Lalit Reddy
CSO, High Radius
Nikhil Bhandarkar
Ubiquity Capital
Sriwatsan K.
Partner, Bain
Simit Batra
Ankit Jajodia
The Carlyle Group
Navneet Chahal
Partner, Bain
Saaim Khan
Founder, Upscalio
Anisha Dossa
Co-Founder, Jify
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